Women’s Pyjamas Clara Cotton Satin Pink Striped

Elegant and comfortable pyjamas to sleep well while being elegant before and after!


Pyjamas composed of a tunic and straight pants, with a tie at the waist.

Pyjamas consisting of a tunic and pants.
The tunic, with long sleeves, marked by a yoke in the back with some gathers allowing ease and ensuring comfort. Flat collar, closed by 3 pretty buttons, close to the neckline.
Hem with rounded panels refining the silhouette. A comfortable tunic.

Made by our workshop, in Paris
Dimensions T M: Buste: 68 cm, Manche: 56 cm, Carrure: 42 cm
Straight trousers, with sliding waistband, for perfect ease and comfort. Dimensions T M: Length: 100 cm, Hips: 55 cm
Cotton Satin, Rose lined white, 100% Cotton
Available in Sizes: S (36-38) M (40-42) L (44)


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